Meat and Eggs are prohibited in every form, onion and garlic,although vegetarian are also prohibited. Vegetarianism has its connections to Non-violence, because meat eating encourages violence. Plants are living sentient beings, but the degree of pain felt by them is far less than the pain associated with cutting of animals.An animal feels pain according to its own evolved consciousness, evolved entities feel more pain, hence consuming/killing humans, cows,etc are subjected to more sin as compared to mosquitoes etc. Plants being the least associated to sin.

To nullify the sin occurred by eating plants, various austerities are already prescribed in the scriptures.So, there it is.

Manu in his Smruti writes:

Anumanta Virasita Vihanta Kayavikrayi |
Sanskarta Choparta cha Svadkascheyti Gatakaha ||

‘One who offers meat, who cuts it, who kills, who sells, who purchases, who cooks/prepares, who brings and who cuts meat, all such people are slayers.’ Hence it is not a requirement to abstain from eating meat only, but also to refrain from all of the above acts.

This is why eating in hotels, or brand outlets(KFC,Pizza Hut etc) is an act of contributing to the cause of animal slaughter. Just as buying leather items made from animal leather.

Manu goes on further to say that meat eaters will never enjoy the peace and tranquility of heaven – instead they will suffer terribly in the cycle of births
and deaths.

Vegetarianism and non-cruelty are the foundations of Ahimsa Dharma. It is pleasing to say that this preaching is becoming increasingly popular ‘ways of life’ for many in the West.

It is heart warming to find that people are changing their ways, as they become to realise that Himsa is blatantly inhuman. As a result they take note of what they eat and what they are purchasing – making sure they are both animal free and cruelty-free.

Great intellects of the past – Phythagoras, Socrates, Da Vinci, Newton and Einstein could not condone the eating of animals. They could not accept that they should fill their bellies by slaughtering innocent animals. We must follow these great intellects of all fields – philosophy, science and the arts in their realisation of the truth.

-Taken From Shikshapatri “The epistle of Precepts” (Download)



  1. But manu also writes that meat that had been taken by vedic vidhi is not sin…even he compel to do the same…in the same chapter from where you took the above shloka…i.e in 5th chapter and shloka below 51…i didn’t eat meat or egg…but when i saw the proofs of meat eating manusmriti i get confused that’s why i am here…please solve it…i’ll be grateful to you


    • The Vedas do not promote meat eating. And the meat that one eats, is it consumed by Vedic Vidhi?
      Ahimsa is the param Dharma. The purpose of that shlokas was to control the consumption of meat eating which was rampant without any disciplines, but the real purpose of a spiritual aspirant is completely avoiding meat.
      We will not die if we do not eat meat, but the meat that we eat will kill that animal at least!
      If one consumes eats or is associated with killing in any way, will face the consequences of it, unless it is a matter of life and death. Suppose a military man is lost in the jungle, and it is imperative for him to survive, and he does not find anything to eat, then he has to consume whatever is available…
      But that is not a Vidhi. The Vedas do not promote meat eating and misinterpretation of Vedas and saying it allows meat eating is an offending of Vedas.
      The manu smruti is for Satyuga, in Kali-yuga Yagnavalkya smruti is used.
      Moreover, there are many other smrutis and shlokas that deny meat eating completely, why not concentrate on them.


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