Vachanamrut #GI – 8.1 Engaging The Indriyas In The Sevã Of Bhagvãn And His Sant

  • Vachanamrut Adhyayan By Hariswarup Swami- An English Translation (Click Here)

In the Samvat year 1876, on Mãgshar sud 11 [27th November, 1819], Shreeji Mahãrãj was sitting in Dãdã Khãchar’s darbãr in Gadhadã. He was dressed entirely in white clothes. A sabhã of sãdhus, as well as haribhaktas from various places, had gathered before Him.

This is a common introduction where one can visualise the atmosphere where these conversations took place.

Shreeji Mahãrãj then said, “If the indriyas are engaged in the sevã of Shree Krishna Bhagvãn and His bhakta, then the antah-karans are purified and the sins, which have been attached to the jeev for eternity, are destroyed. On the other hand, if the vruttis of the indriyas are directed towards women and other vishays, then a person’s antah-karans become polluted and he falls from the path of kalyãn.

Indriya means A sense, through which a person can know and perform actions􀇯. There are ten indriyas in total – the five gnãnindriyas  (cognitive senses) and the five karma-indriyas (conative senses), with the mind often taken to be the eleventh indriya. They engage themselves in their respective vishays and have the complete knowledge of that vishay. The sense organs are not to be confused with the indriyas (the senses). The sense organs are part of the physical body, whereas the indriyas (senses) are distinct from the physical body.
five gnãn-indriyas: hearing (ears/shrotra), touch (skin/tvak), sight (eyes/chakshu), taste (tongue/rasnã) and smell (grahn)
five karma-indriyas: speech (voice/vãk), handling (hands/pãni), walking (feet/pãd), excretion (anus/pãyu) and procreation (genitals/upastha)

Antah-karan means Inner ability. The complete mind which is made up of four parts: man (generating thoughts and desires); buddhi (consolidating thoughts, making decisions and resolutions, forming convictions, or discriminating); chitt (repeatedly contemplating or focusing); and the ahankãr (forming a sense of being). It is also referred to as a singular as all four are parts make up one antah-karan, but usually referred to as being four different antahkarans.

So, as mentioned above, if our sense indulge in service of God and His devotees, we become pure steadily, our complete mind becomes pure. This is the method of making out mind pure. By service, we mean reading spiritual books and watching God’s murti, by ears one can listen to Kirtans and spiritual lectures. While eating, one can sanctify the food first by offering it to God and then consuming it as the form of prasad.

Similarly, if we have negative inputs, out mind becomes negative.One cannot expect to have pure thoughts while sitting in a club having alcohol and in similar situations. It depends on us where do e choose to be, what do we choose to see,hear,eat, smell and touch. That is why it is compulsory to have a better association. If your friends and company are drunkards, it is just a matter of time that you will become like them, same goes for lewd friends.In no time you would be like them. The results of this is, a person becomes a sinner and then it becomes common for him to commit sins and then he does not think of sin as sin.

“Therefore, a person should indulge in the vishays only as prescribed in the shãstras, but should never indulge in them by disobeying the niyams that are described in the shãstras. Also, a person should keep the company of a sant and should avoid kusang. In this way, when a person avoids kusang and keeps the company of a sant, the sense of ‘I-ness’ that he has towards his body and the sense of ‘my-ness’ that he has towards his bodily relations, are destroyed. He  also develops profound love for Bhagvãn, and vairãgya towards everything except Bhagvãn.”

To avoid such a tendency, there are rules and regulations in scriptures. The do’s and don’ts are prescribed in Shikshapatri and its detailed explanation.  Also a strong association of a saint in important, sometimes a person cannot see that he is drifting into bad company that is why one needs the company of a true saint who can point out and help the spiritual aspirant to come back on track. This is how one can gradually develop closeness with God.

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