Spare your mind,spare your time from mundane things.

“The most valuable resource we have is time and the most extraordinary capacity that we Humans have is to be able to think.”

Yet, we find that people waste these two of the most valuable resources on mundane things and never even inquire about spirituality. Almost all of their energy and time is wasted on materialistic gains, hence at the time of their death, or maybe even before that, they realize in spite of doing so much, they have achieved nothing.

Even if they achieve something material, like King Alexander, it is just a matter of time that all will be lost in the pages of history.Imagine, the ruler of the world, could not even live long enough to enjoy his Kingdom.That is the problem with the material scale, no matter how much we do, it ultimately sums up to zero. The Indian history had Kings who ruled three worlds, yet they all perished, and few enlightened ones, left all that for spiritual inquiry. If material pleasures could fulfil us, those Kings wouldn’t have abandoned their luxury. They had it all, yet they abandoned everything for something higher.

Now do not get me wrong, I do not expect you to leave everything, but I surely do expect that you realize the limitations of our materialistic goals. We work hard for it so much and at the end, it is washed away by the strong wind of time. The happiness derives from it is not worth the efforts that we put in. So, it is logical to invest in something better.

I would like to address today’s man as today, we do have so many commitments/deadlines and we just cannot afford to waste time. So I think the first thing we need to do is stop thinking about mundane things and stop wasting our energy for mundane pleasures.

We just cannot afford to look into other’s lives, we cannot afford to lose time in thinking what our ‘dear’ celebrities are doing. We cannot afford to lose 3 hours in cinema and let alone the price you pay for dumping your mind with the stupidity that is shown in movies.

Each and every second draws our death closer and we are not even aware of it. Whatever we do, does not stay with us, also it does not fulfil us, maybe it does fulfil us for the time being, but what about long-lasting eternal happiness.

The happiness which goes away should not even be called happiness. That is just temporary gratification.

Realize this, people, we do not have time for mundane things, and we are not meant to waste our life on such trivial issues. Today the struggle for survival is consuming man so much, that one cannot even stop to think what one is doing and as to why!

Just stop everything and think for a second, what am I doing? Why am I doing this? If you do not get a solid response, then you need to recheck your priorities.

I often complain about us not having enough spiritual inquisitiveness, the reason is maybe we just do not have time for it as we are so busy with our mundane life that we forget to realize the higher purpose of life.

So take a break and spare your mind from mundane thoughts, we just can not afford it. We have an obligation to be eternally happy, try to achieve it, and the only way is spirituality. Because all other sciences are limited to materials and there is no scope for transcendental relations.

Read spiritual books, get a new perspective towards life and work towards your goal relentlessly.Realize that we are human, we can think, we can analyze, let us not waste our capability in just surviving through life, like animals, then what is the point of being Human.


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