Remembering the Indian culture and custom- “Laaj”(Veil)

Indian culture and customs are respected all around the world and they are based on various experiences and the best thing about Indian customs is, they are based on making Human life both safe and enjoyable at the same time.

The customs in Indian culture are made after a prolonged observation of the society by intelligent open minded people.

One such custom,which is now disappearing is the custom of Ghunghat(Veil). On observation, it is seen that the Ghunghat was not present in the old Indian scriptures, but due to invasion of foreign rulers and the frequenting of incidents of immodesty and rape, the thinkers of that time introduced the custom of veil for women.

The theory was that,a person is attracted to the beauty of a women, the face.So if a women covers her face, then there is a chance he might not get attracteed and a normal person would hesitate to move forward to that woman. Not shwoing their face to strangers encouraged both the stranger and the women to stay in their limits. And while in front of elders, it automatically showed respect and a certain etiquette in conduct.

The Muslim Burkha custom is quite popular today, and it really works for normal people. People do tend to hesitate while approaching a Burkha lady. Likewise, a lady in veil was automatically viewed with respect and honor as she herself held herself in great respect. It was not a insult to ladies, but an overall modesty which made the atmosphere more pious.

Soon, it started to disappear, but women still covered their heads in front of elders and in temples. I respect the Punjabi culture for still keeping their heads covered in temples(Gurudwara). Then even that disappeared.

Now, let us analyze the rsult of it. Today, women have left wear complete clothes even in front of their parents/in-laws. Today, women do not even care about how they conduct themselves in front of the deity in the temple. And at the same time, men have lost their dignity and they too conduct themselves in an impudent manner with women.

A small veil saved the whole society from degradation , that is how subtle but effective the Indian culture and customs are.

I request that at least we keep the temples and religious places pious and maintain their decency.




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