What is the difference between worshiping alive person or a dead person or a God?

“You end up with the person entity that you worship after you die, so the difference is in ultimate attainment.”

God is eternal, whereas a person dies.

The basic difference is evident in the example of Gopis who loved and worshipped Krishna versus any woman who loves and worships her husband/or another person.

Gopis who loved Krishna, as their paramour became lust less, desire-less, and they lost their bodily consciousness and automatically gained profound knowledge of soul and spirituality alike, and they gained the ultimate redemption and are forever remembered and revered in the spiritual world.

Let us take an example of a woman who loves her husband who is not a God, her desires increase day by day which her husband gets tired of fulfilling, her lust also increases day by day, but since she becomes old and her body does not keep up with her desire she then stops sexual activities, it is not because she has become lustless. The association with the body and bodily keeps on strengthening with time, and at the end of their life they die to regret all their bodily relation because they are of no use after death. And they are subjected to the cycle of birth and death after their death. So no ultimate redemption!

Worshipping an alive person usually comes from one’s desire to become God and have an unquestioned sensual indulgence, people like these go to hell forever I guess.

So, the difference in worshipping God and other person is as much as the difference is between getting married to a true noble King versus a corrupt poor man. Your life, your afterlife and what you gain, your spiritual and social status, your internal peace and satisfaction all things are jeopardized when we worship a person, and all things become beautiful and everything falls in place when we worship God. There is a difference between night and day if you can see it, perceive it, but to a blind and ignorant person, everything is same.


  1. Im not sure connected to the topic but its true
    We go to temples to worship god.he listens to it but doesnt gives us any solution.only hope is provided.But if you worship a person who has the divinity then he will guide you like a stick.he will never let you fall and balance your body.But the guide you will chose shouldnt be egostic but a true resemblance of faith, love and care.he should not lead you by walking on his(god)way but he should lead you by walking on his thoughts which should be his virtues and self sacrifice should be his motto JAI SWAMINARAYAN …DAS NA DAS


    • It is difficult to compare a Guru and God, but one must know, that Guru is not the destiny, he is the penultimate destiny, who will lead us to God. Worshiping him as God is the problem, worshiping a person as the ultimate destiny is what creates a problem in our attainment, that is to be understood, there no lessening of the glory of a true Guru. And if we see that the Guru is being worshiped as a God, and is accepting all the luxuries and puja just like God, then we must become cautious and reconsider our choice! 🙂


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