About The Shikshapatri.

The Shikshapatri is a core spiritual scripture of Swaminarayan Sect. It is written by Lord Swaminaryan personally for all His devotees and the purpose behind it is welfare of all living things.

The Shishkapatri is short scripture of 212 Shlokas, but it is the essence of around 350 scriptures. It is the most amazing scripture as it has all practical as well as spiritual practices and logic included in such a short scripture.

It contains precepts regarding variegated aspects of life such as

  1. Upliftment of Women
  2. Eradication of Superstitions
  3. Anti-Addiction
  4. Character building
  5. Non Violence
  6. Propagation of Ekantik Dharma
  7. Respect to all faiths
  8. Contribution to the field of Education
  9. Economic guidelines
  10. Obeying Basic Ethics
  11. Practical Advice etc.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel,Ex-Prime Minister of India, said this about Swaminarayan Sect and Shikshapatri,

“The fragrance  of high morality was spread all over Gujarat by the effect of the pious and virtuous conduct of Shree Sahajanad Swami(Lord Swaminarayan) and His saints. The sect has a played a great deal in changing over the thousand of ordinary,illiterate,brutal hearts into highly moral led and cultures ones”

He declared this in a huge public meeting,

“If public takes to and acts according to the Shikshapatri written by Shree Swaminarayan, the police station and legal courts will have to be shut down” 

The following is the original Shikshapatri at the Boldien library at London. This was given to Sir John Malcolm .


“The true glory of shikshaptri can only be realised by practicing the Shikshapatri.”


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