Divine Darshan in many forms and manifestations  

Suvrat Muni continued, “O king! Thousands of Jain people approached Shree Hari with the view of having Darshan of their Tirthankars and added that they will become His disciples if their wish was fulfilled. Shree Hari looked mercifully at them and immediately they slipped into Samadhi losing all control over their bodies and becoming lifeless. They remained in Samadhi for quite a while in which they saw all  their Tirthankars starting from Rhishabhdev as described in their scriptures. Looking at their lifeless bodies, the rumour of their death spread in Mangrol. Their relatives came to Shree Hari immediately and started crying on seeing motionless bodies. They pleaded with Lord Shree Hari to grant them life. Waking up from Samadhi just as quickly as they had gone in Samadhi, they were astonished at the Darshan of their Tirthankars. They realised that this miracle is possible only by the supreme Lord of the universe, who is Narayanmuni Himself. They forsook their old beliefs, relatives and became His disciples.”

Suvrat Muni said, “O king! Many disciples of Shree Vallabhachrya, Nimbakacharya, Madhvacharya, Shankarachrya and Ramanujacharya also lived in Mangrol. Many of Mangrol’s residents were devotees of Lord Ram, the Sun, Ganapati, Shiva and various Goddesses. These people also heard of Shree Hari’s miraculous powers of Samadhi and approached Him in groups indicating their interest in having Darshan of their Ishtadev in their hearts. Sahajanand Swami thought that if He fulfilled their desires, they will surely accept Him as the supreme God and will forsake the devotion of minor deities, the clutches of evil gurus and false practices of Adharma. 

With the sole purpose of spreading Sanatan Dharma and His Bhakti, Shree Hari ceded their request. He looked at them and in no time they slipped into Samadhi. The disciples of Vallabhachrya, Nimbakacharya and Madhvacharya saw young Lord Shree Krishna playing the divine flute in Vrandavan surrounded by cowherds. The followers of Ramanujacharya, saw Lord LaxmiNarayan accompanied by His many Parshads like Visvaksen, Nand, Sunand, Garud etc. while followers of Shankarachrya saw only a brilliant halo. Devotees of Lord Ram, saw Lord Ram sitting on a divine throne in the company of Laxman, Sita and Hanumanji, while Shaiv devotees saw Shiva and Parvati with his army led by Pramath.

Similarly devotees of the sun, Ganapati, saw their respective Ishtadev in their heart while the devotees of Shakti (female power) saw images of various Goddesses in their heart. They were very pleased at the Darshan of their respective Ishtadev. When they woke up from Samadhi, they described to each other whatever they saw during Samadhi and understood that this Darshan was made possible only due to the mercy and blessings of Sahajanand swami. They abandoned their sects and gurus to take refuge at the lotus feet of Narayanmuni. They all became His disciples and took initiation in the Sampraday and vowed to obey all edicts of Shree Hari. Ramanand swami’s other seniors disciples like Muktanand swami, Mukundanand Brahamchari etc. were so impressed with Narayanmuni that they also came to the conclusion that He indeed is our Ishtadev, Lord Krishna. Their Bhakti in Him became more steadfast after this realisation.”

Suvrat Muni said, “O king! The Muslim ruler of Mangrol, Vajradin and his minister Kaji also heard about Samadhi. Kaji approached Sahajanand swami and said, ‘You make the Darshan of everybody’s Ishtadev possible in Samadhi. Make me see Mohammad, the messenger in my heart. We too will become Your disciples.’  Merciful Sahajanand swami agreed and Kaji slipped into Samadhi. Kaji was very pleased to see Mohammad in his heart as described in his scriptures and became Shree Hari’s steadfast disciple. The King Vajradin too became His disciple when he was convinced of the supremacy of Shree Hari.”

“O king! Whoever came to Shree Hari upon hearing the news of Samadhi became His disciples by considering Him as supreme God. They gave up the consumption of alcohol and meat and adultery. They realised that adultery, stealing, violence, levelling false allegations and eating from the hands of non religious people were grave sins and refrained from them forever after becoming His disciples. The householder devotees refrained from touching other women, especially widows. The Brahamcharis who became His devotees took greater care in their observance of Brahamcharya Vrat by not thinking, seeing or associating with females. Married women devotees became more faithful to their husband while widow devotees started observing Brahamcharya Vrat like celibate saints by not associating with other males. All devotees started leading pious lives by the divine proximity of Lord Shree Hari. They became different persons.

Just as God’s abode Shwetdweep, though on earth, is distinct and different from earth, Narayanmuni’s devotees, though living among other humans, were distinct and different from other humans.

O king! God’s divine attributes are difficult to comprehend by Devtas, man and demons. Lord Shree Hari espoused His divinity to such an extent that people coming into His contact abandoned evil gurus and their selfish misinterpretation of religion. Slowly but surely, Shree Hari spread Sanatan Dharma on this earth by negating and destroying Adharma.”

Thus ends the fifth Chapter of the second Prakaran of the Satsangi Jeevan.

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