Social media and its privacy.

IMG_5398The image that you upload on social media thinking it is available to only one person that you are sharing with, or limited to only your friends, then you are mistaken badly because as soon as it is on the internet, it is everywhere.


I am not concerned with how secure the social media is or not. My premise of the argument is, what could be the possible logical and a necessary reason for one to upload such a photo of oneself on the internet. (in context to the recent leak of naked images of actresses from icloud)

Escalating the argument further, WHY SHOULD SUCH A PICTURE OF ONESELF EXIST?

How does one explain the existence of one’s such photo anywhere, let alone be it on a social or a public domain?

The truth is, that if a photo exists on a digital screen, it is literally everywhere, there is no way it can be kept private.

  • Now let us analyse why does one share such images, and who shares it?

The common reason for women uploading these images on their own will; seems to streamline for one reason, attention seeking. All they want is the attention of men, and they swoop to the lowest to get that, be it selling away their body, and with that, their own dignity.

This is not a way to promote boldness, this instead exposes your weakness of attention seeking and promotes a weak character altogether.

This epidemic starts from A-listed celebrities and trickles down right to common girls and people who follow them.

Now, to those celebrities, all I can say is that. it is not the correct way to portray boldness, Rani Lakshmibai was bold, Mirabai was bold because they stood for a strong character. Selling your morals and principles for fame and money is not bold, it is stupidity.

Just think of what you are actually doing, what you do, reflects upon thousands of other little girls who follow you, you upload a nude image of you, all the thousands of people will find it appropriate and they will follow it. That what you are doing, you are indirectly promoting and encouraging such behaviour. If you want to empower women, promote modesty and dignity, encourage valour to fight for what is right, not for exposing and selling your body, your morals for fame/money or attention. Because none of it stays.

But hey, we cannot say anything to these celebrities, because “it is their job!”#sarcasm

There are other ways in which such photos come into existence, that is because of some uncivilized perverted men, who take such photos of women without women noticing it. If you ever find a person doing so, without the consent of the woman, you have the full authority to catch hold of that guy, break his camera/phone, and slap him right across his face.

To these men, what the hell is wrong with you? My question to you idiots is, would allow your sister, your daughter to expose herself publicly?

The men who share and see these images are equally responsible for contributing to the cause of these images.

If not, then who gave you the right to do the same for other women/girls? Be a man, by dignifying women instead of disgracing them. You promoting their such images, by liking them, by looking at them is nothing but a green signal to your daughter or sister to do so. How do you live with yourself knowing that you are promoting such a disgraceful thing? Sooner or later, you will witness your daughter, your sister do the same thing, and guess what? You will be helpless, as you will not be able to stop her, as your conscience will simply tell you, that you are no better than her, you were the one drooling over such images. Now, you will witness other men drooling over images of your sister/daughters, because you deserve it.

The spiritual perspective

Let us get to the more underlying subtleties of these photos and all such similar content on the internet.

Such content promotes lust in already subtle lusty people and develops lust in kids, men who are not lusty initially. This culminates into sexual frustration, which later avalanches into rape or other such sexual atrocities.

The truth of the matter is, both men and women are full of lust, and that is the reason why none of them is stopping the existence of such content.

Now, on one hand, we are mad at people doing such monstrous acts, and on the other hand, we keep on exposing our children and promoting such behaviour in our children. How stupid we are?

We are slowly allowing such social evils into our societies by appropriating such content.

I am not against women, I do not hate women, I am against lust and any act that promotes it, I blame both men and women for this.

I blame women for uploading such images, and I blame those pathetic men who drool over such images. Both are equally at fault.

There are children who are exposed to these images, imagine what kind of mental picture you are painting in their minds, and the outcome of it is disastrous. They think they are entitled to a woman’s body, as a result, they have the audacity to ask for nudes. Just think of the consequences of it.

Ultimately, it is you and the coming generation which has to pay the price for it.

It is time we become serious and take charge of our life.

  • Why am I writing this article then?For whom?

To be honest, I am not hopeful that this article will make much of a difference on the global scale. But that does not mean I will not speak the truth.

I am writing this article because all I want is that people should be aware of what is going on around them. This awareness will make them analyse what is right and what is wrong.

This article is directed to those common girls, who have time, who have the sense to make their life better and not get into this stupidity. Get hold of your life and develop a strong character, have a better role model rather than a celebrity who sells and exposes her body just for some fame and money. You are destined for something better and not this shit. You are definitely better than those actresses, rather take inspiration from great historical women in Vedic literature. Women who won against lust, who won over God himself (Mirabai and the Gopis etc).

“Remember one thing, fame, attention, money, men, people around, nothing stays if you lose your dignity. Follow righteousness, promote moral character and inculcate and encourage the same in your children and peers.”

Refer to Sati Gita (Download). and other Books to know more about spirituality and core moral values.


  1. It’s true. The Best thing I appreciate in all your articles is the spiritual perspective and underlying principle. Keep writing even if there are very few who read it. One day, things will change for better.


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