The story of Vikarna(Mahabharat) and its link to Dariya Khan’s Tomb(Ahmedabad).

From the year 1450 to 1515, Ahmedabad was ruled by Mahmud Begada. He had a Vizier, named Dariya Khan. He was a righteous man, and he had good regards for every religion, and he used to serve saints of every religion. He used to perform charity too as prescribed by Islam. , who, when he felt his death was near constructed his own tomb in Ahmedabad. he was buried there after his death.

The Location of Dariya Khan’s Tomb.

Now, 300 years later, as the tomb was a big place, the saints of Lord Swaminarayan (nearly 18th century) used to take shelter there.

They used to study there, and used to take rest there after roaming in the city for Satsang.

As the saints were there, Lord Swaminarayan also came there to visit there. The amazing incident that happened even before Lord Swaminarayan took a seat in the Tomb was as follows.

Suddenly, a man appeared from the grave, and started lauding Lord Swaminarayan in a manner that muslims do on their knees, as if offering a bandagi.“Ya allah, parvardigar, you are almighty God, and I have come to your shelter, please liberate my soul, and make me your devotee.”  

Saying this he offered a pomegranate to Lord Swaminarayan. He accepted the prayers and the pommegrenate, and with compassion He looked at the man from the grave he was liberated.

The saints were watching this with astonishment, and they wondered who was this man, and what just happened?

Lord Swaminarayan reveals, “The man from the grave was no other than Dariya Khan himself, buried here for more than 300 years. The same man who constructed the this Tomb, he has been wandering here for 300 years.”

The saints inquired,” What good deeds had he done, to receive liberation from you?How is he so lucky?”

Lord Swaminarayan smiled and said” Do you know of Vikarna, from Mahabharat?

He was the son of Dhritarashtra and Gandhari. He was one of the most reputable Kauravas.

Despite being a Kaurava, was a ‘true’ warrior. Moreover, far above the ground games of power and pride, he, unlike his brethren, was seen as an ardent follower of ‘Dharma’.

In Mahabharata, there is a particular instance, which depict the character of Vikarna, perfectly.

He stood against the Game of Dice and the shameful act it led to

Image source
Image source

When the great King Yudhishtir’s quest to win at the dice game took over the best of him, he pawned his own wife. Draupadi was dragged forcefully and mercilessly to the court, before the noblest of men. These warriors, possessing complete ability to bring the savage scene to a halt, preferred being mute spectators when the drunk-with-power Duryodhana ordered the commencement of the shameful act disrobing  of Draupadi.

Everyone stayed mum. Well, everyone except Vikarna.

Vikarna made his voice heard against the whole idea of the dice game. And when began the mistreatment of his sister-in-law, he became more anxious to stop the whole deal for once and all. He echoed Draupadi’s questions, which she had already raised before the Kuru leaders regarding the celebration of shame that centred around her.

At this, Karna was enraged and he taunted Vikarna for his outburst, to which Vikarna replied,

“Sister-in-law’s insult is an affront to the entire Kuru clan. If her questions are not answered, our line is doomed.”


Image source
Image source

This was clearly not taken well by Duryodhana who then asked Vikarna to quit voicing his opinions.

Nothing helped. Even the leaders who were considered the wisest of heads did nothing to stop the evil and save the victim. However, Vikarna emerged as the one who wouldn’t shut and see the wrong brewing before his eyes.

In a world outside Mahabharata, when a girl is humiliated and harassed before a mute mob, the person who dares to pull her to safety is harassed too.

“Vikarna, one of the 100 Kaurava brothers in the epic Mahabharatam, is the right role model for youth. He is worthy of emulation in the present context of rising atrocities against women,”
This is small introduction of Vikarna,  He indeed was one of the greatest personalities from Mahabharat. The man from the grave was Vikarna, in one of his previous births. And as he stood for an ardent devotee like Draupadi, he was always a King or a minister, always rich and prosperous in each and every of his numerous births since that incident of Mahabharat. “
This is the glory of aiding an ardent and a true devotee of God. This is one of the morals of the story that we need to understand, charity is good, but if directed in right direction, for a devotee, is invaluable.

Another lesson from the story is “We cannot attain liberation by righteousness alone, we need to take shelter of God to attain liberation.”
By far Vikarna was the most righteousm man we see in Mahabharat, he got benediction,prosperity for that, but he did not get liberation until he surrendered to Lord Swaminarayan. Lord Krishna was present during the Mahabharat, but since he had not surrendered to Lord Krishna, in spite of being so righteous he did not attain liberation. And the moment he surrendered to God, he attained liberation.




  1. It is written in Aksharanand swami vato. Don’t know the number. I’m not sure though. I’ll check and let you know


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