A small conversation with Ganeshji. #Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!


Me: Good Morning! Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!

Ganeshji:(looking a little gloomy) Hi, Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.

Me: Why are you looking so gloomy? Aren’t you excited? All your devotees will bring you home, celebrate your festival, adore and worship you…

Ganeshji: Well, it is true, some of my devotees will worship me with adoration and will serve me sweets. They will surely call other relatives and friends and seek my blessings. But…

Me: But?

Ganeshji: Well, you know the truth of this celebration, don’t you? You are just being cheerful, isn’t it? So that I don’t feel bad. Well, let me tell you why I am a little gloomy.

There are two kinds of celebrations, one is a public celebration, and one is private celebrations at home. I have noticed, that the public celebrations are more of a competition and a means to gather funds rather than being filled with the spirit of devotion. People can’t even do darshan properly, and are pushed away to accommodate others standing in line. People don’t even listen to kirtans or bhajans of me, but suddenly during my festival, they act all nice just to gather funds.

Some people who bring me home just act nicely for those 5 or 11 days that I am there, that too in front of me, rest whole year they are constantly engaged in irreligious activities. I just when they watch idiotic stuff on TV and mobile while I am present in their house, I wonder what they do when I am gone!

And to be honest, I am not present in those big idols made for presentation. I reside in the heart of pure devotees who lead a pure life, and for such devotees, I am present in the idols too. I am ever present in the idols where they have faith in.

Me: Yes I agree with you, I had a question for long, How do you feel when people dance on roads shamelessly, all young boys and girls dance on roads on the beats of Bollywood, assuming for “you”?

Ganeshji: Son, DO NOT get me started on that. I hate it. I am a symbol of auspiciousness. I don’t think that these songs are anything near to auspiciousness. The lyrics are filled with vulgarity. Who the hell is this Honey Singh! I am fed of these item numbers! Where is the modesty and devotion in people! People drink alcohol behind my truck! It is so infuriating! I just feel like going away from such people!

Me: Alright, Calm down, I am sorry, What do you do in such situation?

Ganeshji: I’ll tell you a secret, I am not there in those places. People may think I am there, but no. I am in some small village or a small house where there are few dedicated devotees, who worship me with full discipline and not just for these few days, but all their life, it is for them that I am ever present. It is for those few devotees, that I am alive now and I am still hopeful.

Me: True, some of my friends, and their family, they are pretty serious about this festival and they do take utmost care in keeping the modesty and divinity intact, with no idiotic songs, they also make sure the atmosphere is auspiciousness, the ladies and gents wear appropriate clothes all the time, as if you are actually present, they are always kind to everyone.

What do you want from people this festival?

Ganeshji: In all honesty, I just want them to stop spoiling this auspicious festival. No idiotic songs, no DJ parties, no Gambling, no roaming about in my name with their boyfriends and girlfriends. I sometimes need to ask them, have they come to see me or other women? I just want to slap them with my trunk!

I just want them to develop a pure heart and some good habits and a pure character. I will be ever present n them and with them. I appreciate all the efforts that they take, but I want them to accompany these efforts with some spirit of devotion and not just a show-off!

Me: So where are you going now?

Ganeshji: Well, although few, there are some devotees who are pure and they have made amazing sweets for me, I can’t hurt their feelings, I will have some sweets and bless them. What about you?

Me: I will also take some Prashad, I love the modaks that they prepare for you.

Ganeshji: I knew the moment you came to me, you just wanted sweets didn’t you?

Me: hihi,I am caught 😛 That is why I love you so much Ganesha, you know me so well, can I come with you?please please, please!

Ganeshji: Why not? Come, I will show you some of my pure devotees, and I want you to learn from them, and please spread this message.

See, this is what Lord Ganesha wants. I have heard the stories of Lalbaug, where one stands in line for hours and cannot even properly pray in front of God. I have witnessed with my own eyes, the vulgarity of people when it comes to Ganpati dance, I am sure he does not like “ho baby doll mai sone di” Just stop it, just stop insulting the deity.

In Gujarat, I have seen people hurl the murtis in the river from the Tapi bridge. This is insane.

I am not against the festival  but the iniquity and vulgarity and exploitation in the name of our purest of Gods Ganeshji should stop.

A nice article from The Hindu, Click here

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