Shree Radhikasthakam

Devotees of this Sampradaya recite this prayer daily after the Aarti with great love and devotion. This ashtak (as it is composed of eighth verses it is known as ashtak, ashta means eight), is inscribed also in Sansantgijivan (P.4, A.48). Due to the use of ‘venu, Vraja, Vrindavan, Gop-Gopi, Nanad’ etc. words, some people do not think this to be applicable to the Supreme Lord Shree Swaminarayan Mahaprabhu, and thus, they change some of the words of this ashtak, and they try to sentimentally prove their point of worshipping only the Supreme. But this only uncovers their ignorance of the Supreme and of the philosophy of Shree Swaminarayan Sampradaya. Lord Swaminarayan has Himself preached the principles of svarupadvaita. Gopalanda Swami, Nityananda Swami, Gunatitananda Swami, and many other great sanyasis of this Sampradaya have lived according to these principles. It is also found that Sadguru Gunatitananda Swami used to recite this ashtak every day after sandhya Aarti till he left this planet in V.S. 1923.

navinajimut samanvarnam ratnolla satkundal shobhi karnam,
mahakirita gramyurparnam, Shree RadhikaKrsnamaham namami.

navinajimut samanvarnam — Whose bodily complexion is like the dark monsoon clouds, ratnollasatkundal shobhikarnam — Whose ears are decorated with earrings bedecked with various gems and diamonds, mahakiritagramyurparnam — Who is decorated with peacock feathers in the front of His helmet, Shree RadhikaKrsnamaham namami. — Shree is Laxmiji, So I pay my obeisances to Shree RadhaKrsna along with Laxmiji. Another meaning of this line is — I pay my obeisances to Lord Swaminarayan who is surrounded by devotees like Radhikaji and Laxmiji.

nidhaypani dvitayanvenum, nijadhareshe kharyatrenum;
nidadayantam cha gatau karanum, Shree RadhikaKrsnamaham namami.

His turban is decorated with different beautiful flowers, whose scented pollen is falling on the flute imparting its fragrance to the flute. I pay my obeisances to Shree Krsna along with Radhikaji and Laxmiji, who with His one hand is holding the fragrant flute on His lips and with the other plays it very sweetly.

vishudhahemo jjvalpitvastram, hatareyutham cha vinapishastram;
vyathir kruta kasurdvisastram, Shree RadhikaKrsnamaham namami.

vishudhahemojjvalpitvastram — He is wearing bright yellow cloth which is effulgent like pure gold, hatareyutham cha vinapishastram – He who is annihilating many demons without the use of any weapons;

vyathirkrutakasurdvisastram — He who has failed all the weapons and techniques used by His enemies, ShreeRadhikaKrsnamaham namami — I pay my obeisances to Shree RadhaKrsna along with Laxmiji.

adharmatisyar ditsadhupalam, saddharma vaira sursanghakalam;
pushpadimalam vrajrajbalam, Shree RadhikaKrsnamaham namami.

adharmatisyarditsadhupalam — He is the protector of all the saintly people who are being harassed by the irreligiosity, saddharma vairasursanghakalam — He who is death personified for the people who are not following the prescribed Bhagvat Dharma.

pushpadimalam vrajrajbalam — He who is decorated by garlands of various flowers, and who is the son of king of Vraja, that is Nanda Maharaj, Shree RadhikaKrsnamaham namami — I pay my obeisances to Shree RadhaKrsna along with Laxmiji.

gopipriyaram bhitraskhelam, rasesvariran jana krutprahelam;
skandholla sat kumkum chinhachelam, Shree RadhikaKrsnamaham namami.

gopipriyarambhitraskhelam — He who is playing the rasa dance with His beloved devotees – gopis, rasesvariranjankrutprahelam — He is playing this rasa dance to satisfy His devotees who are expert at rasa dance;

skandhollsatkumkumchinhachelam — He is wearing on His shoulder, a cloth decorated with kumkum (red powder) marks, Shree RadhikaKrsnamaham namami — I pay my obeisances to Shree RadhaKrsna along with Laxmiji.

Vrindavane pri tataya vasantam, nijashritana pada ooddhvarantam;
go-gopgopir bhinandayantam, Shree RadhikaKrsnamaham namami.

Vrindavane pritataya vasantam — He who is residing in Vrindavan with great love, nijashritanapada ooddhvarantam — He is the ultimate protector (in all circumstances) of all those who has surrendered unto His Lotus Feet completely;

go-gopgopirbhinandayantam — He who is giving transcendental pleasure to cows, cowherd men and women of Vraja, ShreeRadhikaKrsnamaham namami — I pay my obeisances to ShreeShree RadhaKrsna along with Laxmiji.

vishvadvisan-namath darpaharam, sansarijiva shrayaniya saram;
sadaiva satpurush aavkyakaram, Shree RadhikaKrsnamaham namami.

vishvadvisan-namathdarpaharam — He who has conquered Kamadev (the cupid) who is the enemy of every living entity and is controlling them, sansarijivashrayaniyasaram — He who is the ultimate shelter of everey living entity in this world full of miseries;

sadaiva satpurushaavkyakaram — He who is the giver of pleasure to everyone following religion and regulative principles,Shree RadhikaKrsnamaham namami — I pay my obeisances to ShreeShree RadhaKrsna along with Laxmiji.

ananditatma Vrajvasitokam, nandadi sandar shita divyalokam;
vina shitasva shrita jiva shokam, Shree RadhikaKrsnamaham namami.

ananditatmaVrajvasitokam — He who is always giving pleasure to the residents of Vraja by His transcendental pastimes, nandadisandarshita divyalokam — He who is mercifully showing His Dhama (residence) to Nanda and other devotees;

vinashitasvashritajivashokam — He who diminishes the sadness of the living entity surrendered to His Lotus Feet, ShreeRadhikaKrsnamaham namami — I pay my obeisances to ShreeShree RadhaKrsna along with Laxmiji.

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