The legend of Jogidas Khuman.

The following story of Jugidas Khuman and Vijay singh(Vajesangh Gohil) family feud is a true story :

Vijay Singh is the king of 1800 villages and Bhavnagar, and the village Kundla belonged to Darbar Khuman.

When Hadal Khuman had come of age, Jogidas Khuman became an outlaw for getting  his village Kundla back. His wife, Kathiyani was an original Rajput like Jogidas, and she stood by Jogidas at every step, such were the great chaste women of India!

Here, Vijay Singh and Hadal Khuman were at odds for ruling the vilage Kundla, and it became a family feaud as Hadal Khuman accepted Vijay Singh Gohil as his son, and Jogidas Khuman accepted Vijay Singh as his brother. Vijay Singh had 3 sons

  1. Dadubha
  2. Narubha
  3. Akhubha

To get his village back, Jogidas started looting Gohilwad(the kingdoms of Vijaysingh Gohil), so that Vijaysingh would give the village back.
Vijay singh sent his vizier Anandji to fight Jogidas, but he died at the hands of Jogidas.

Once the commander of Gohilwad had killed Hadal Khuman, the father of Jogidas Khuman, near Ghughrala village, and brought his severed head.
Instead of fighting Jogidas, the commander killed Vijayshing’s father-like Hadal Khuman, that hurt Vijaysingh deeply. The commander asked for mercy, but he was expelled.
Vijay singh carried out all rituals as if it was his own father, shaving his mustaches and all. At the funeral, Jogidas khuman had also come, and He asked,”what did you do?”

To which Vijay Singh replied,”He accepted me as  a son, He was like a father to me, and by that relation,i am his elder son. Today, let me light the pyre, and let us keep the politics and enmity aside for this occasion. ” Jogidas agreed to to it and Vijay singh completed all the formalities as the elder son.

Another such event occured at the death of Dadubha, the eldest son of Vijay Singh. Vijay Singh did not eat for 4 days. So Jogidas himself came to console him, and he insisted he ate something, and he sat with him to eat, and they both ate together that day.

Once the Queen of Vijaysingh was travelling in her chariot, and the team of Jogidas went to loot her, but the moment Jogidas realized it was the Queen, he said, “She is my sister in law, and equal to my mother, leave her alone and safe.” And then he escorted her to Bhavnagar safely.

Once the daughter of Dhana Suthar liked Jogidas and asked him to marry her. Jogidas replied, “I am married to Kathiyani, and rest all women are like mothers or sisters. If one feels attracted to me due to this handsome face of mine, it needs to be corrected.” Saying this he scarred his face with a knife several times and vowed not look at any woman henceforth.

Once Jogidas looked at a young lady of a Rabari and got a bad thought, and he followed her to her house. He then realized his mistake and asked for chili powder. He then applied it in his eyes to punish his eyes to watch a lady.

Since Jogidas is an outlaw, his wife Kathiyani and his children, Harsur and Lakho, daughter Kamli, all have to sleep on the floor and eat dry bread(made of millet). Vijay Singh’s wife asked him, that why should they suffer because your enmity, what is their fault? I want you to bring them in our palace, I will treat their children as my children, and treat Kathiyani as my sister. Agreeing to this, VijaySingh gave shelter to their children and Jogidas’ wife.

Following this event, one day the younger son of Jogidas, Lakha slapped Akhubha, the son of VijaySingh. So when he complained it to his dad, VIjay singh, instead of checking on his son’s cheek, he asked Lakha, whether his hand was hurt.

Once, one of the men of Jogidas, killed a farmer intending to loot him. Her mother questioned Jogidas, who will take care of me from now? Jogidas treated her as his mother, and the man who killed the farmer, never fled away and never returned, or Jogidas would have killed him for killing an innocent farmer.

Continuing on the outlaw, there were no grains left in Jogidas’ house, he became extremely poor. One day, he recieved a letter from Kathiyani, that said,”The queen treats me like a sister here, and she takes care of kids better than her kids.” Reading this, Jogidas thouught deeply, that the person I am harassing, is such a noble family. He felt guilty, and he decided to go to HImalayas and dissolve himself in the cold. Hearing which, Vijaysingh promised to bring Jogidas back.

Vijaysingh convinced Jogidas to come back, but Jogidas now refuses the village of Kundla, but Vijaysingh forcefully gives him two villages as well a village to his elder son.

To celebrate the end of this war, Vijaysingh had organized a party. In this party, women were dancing, and treating the guests. Jogidas, sat in a corner, closed his eyes, and started to chant using his beads. VIjaysingh said, this party is for you, enjoy it. Jogidas replied,”Dear King,I cannot watch my sisters and daughters dressed like this and dancing like this, I need to leave.” Vijaysingh immediately sent away the dancers and embraced Jogidas.

The Spiritual Perspective

Such was the nobility and honour of men in India. Similarly, the women were of great character and selflessly helped thier husbands in thier motives. This was the true nature of a sacred married life. Women were not selfish and jealous and men weren’t discriminating towards women and had a respectful attitude for women.

Lord Swaminarayan personally went to meet this Jogidas Khuman, and blessed him for his Brahmacharya. For his noble character and respect for women.

Lord Swaminarayan asked him how he found courage to maintain his Brahmacharya.

He replied,”Swaminarayan, my mother has names me “Jogidas”. I am the servant of Jogis(highly esteemed saints).If my masters, the Jogis do not look at a woman, how can I, their servant look at them!”

The name that we give to our child has a lot of effect on his consciousness, hence we should name our children after inspirational personalities of our culture. 

So, we all want to meet God, isn’t it? Then we need to develop a character as strong as Jogidas, as noble as him,  then God will come to meet us instead of us searching for Him.




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