Vachanamrut #G-I 47.2 Characteristics of Atma-nishtha

47.6 “A bhakta, whose main strength is ãtmãnishthã, always behaves as the ãtmã, which is beyond the three bodies and the three mental states, and is described as eternal. He understands that his ishta-dev, pratyaksha Shree Krishna Paramãtmã, is beyond everything, has an extremely pure svarup, and forever possesses a divya murti. In addition, he talks about and listens to talks describing the pure nature of his own ãtmã, as well as talks about Paramãtmã. He also enjoys shãstras that contain such talks. His nature is such that he is unable to tolerate anything that obstructs him from behaving as an ãtmã.

A person with firm belief of his own self as soul, knows the nature of the soul and also knows the nature of God. He never thinks of himself as God. Most of the atma-gnanis often call themselves as equal to God, but no, a true soul realized person understands God is above everything. And he always has a divine form, he is never formless.

Such a devotee cannot tolerate any obstruction in his Atma-nishtha.

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