Vachanamrut #G-I 47.3 Characteristics of Vairagya-nishtha

47.7 “A bhakta, whose main strength is vairãgyanishthã, has a persistent dislike for all worldly objects, but not towards Bhagvãn’s murti. Realising those objects to be asatya, he never remembers his home, his family, or any other object that he has given up – in the same way that he never remembers faeces once they have been excreted. Such a bhakta only keeps the company of bhaktas who are tyãgis. In addition, he offers bhakti to Bhagvãn in a way that does not conflict with his tyãg. His talks are always about tyãg, and he has a liking for shãstras that propose tyãg. Moreover, he has an extreme dislike for tasty foods, beautiful clothes, and for all worldly objects related to the five vishays that may interfere with his tyãg.

A person with detachment has dislike for worldly objects. Nishkulanand Swami is a popular example of Vairagya nishtha devotee. Such a devotee offers devotion to God, but in such a way that his detachment is not hampered. Meaning he would rarely offer majestic clothes or expensive ornaments to God. Such a devotee will offer simple things but the devotion is not less, do not mistake his simplicity for lack of devotion. One can identify such a devotee with above mentioned characteristics.

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