Vachanamrut #GI–48.1 Protection Against The Four Types Of Kusangis(Unholy company)

In the Samvat year 1876, on the evening of Mahaa sud 13 [27th January, 1820], Swaami Shree Sahajaanandji Mahaaraaj was sitting facing west on a decorated bedstead on the platform under the neem tree in front of the mandir of Shree Vaasudev-Naaraayan in Daadaa Khaachar‟s darbaar in Gadhadaa. He was dressed entirely in white clothes. A sabhaa of munis, as well as haribhaktas from various places, had gathered before Him. Two oil-lamps were lit in front of Him after the sandhyaa aarti of Shree Vaasudev-Naaraayan, and the Naaraayan dhun had finished.

After that, Mahaaraaj said “Everyone listen very carefully. I wish to speak to you.”

Then, the munis and haribhaktas said, “Mahaaraaj, please tell us.”

Then, Shreeji Mahaaraaj said, “It is my wish that every devotee should pray in front of God that O! Maharaj!, O!Ocean of Grace! Please save me from Bad company! Please protect me from the influence of kusangis”
Shreeji Mahaaraaj then elaborated, “There are four types of kusangis: the kudaapanthis, the shakti-panthis, the shushka-vedaantis, and the naastiks. If a person associates with kudaa-panthis, they will cause him to falter in his vartmaans and make him impure. If a person associates with shakti-panthis, he will be forced to consume meat and alcohol, which will deflect him from following his svadharma. If a person associates with a shushka-vedaanti, a person will fall from bhakti and upaasanaa, because such people claim that the dhaam of Bhagvaan and the murti Bhagvaan are all false. Finally, if a person associates with naastiks, they promote that only karmas are real, and deny the existence of Shree Krishna Bhagvaan, and therefore leads a person astray from the path prescribed by the eternal, sacred shaastra.

Lord Swaminarayan Talks about four types of Bad association.A brief detail is given below:

  • The Kuda-Panthis:
    The people who believe in orgasmic liberation, the likes of OSHO and the Tantra foundations. Illicit-sex is rampant in such cults, hence there is no discipline and hence it deviates on from the true purpose of spirituality. The neo-Kuda panth is given to us by sexologists and the movie and TV entertainment, night clubs, pornography, college cultural festivals, dance and yoga classes etc which have popularized sex among teenagers and adults alike. If Sex is ultimate pleasure, then the prostitutes and sex workers should be the happiest people in the world. They are the most accomplished saint of the world. They really do experience a transcendental bliss I suppose. But which is not the case. They by far the most empty people from within.Brahmacharya is prescribed for householders too.
    Refer to Lord Swaminarayan on Brahmacharya
  • The Shakti Panthis
    The ones who are in pursuit of power, through meat eating and alcohol, also accompanied by illicit sex, hence it also deviates one from spirituality and holiness. Neo-Shakti panth is the appropriating of alcohol in parties and nightclubs.
  • The Shushka Vedantis
    Lord Swaminarayan is not against Vedant, In fact he believes in Vedant and accepts it completely. It is the false vedantis who spread the wrong knowledge that all Gods, and its avatars are false, so the disciplines laid down by them are false. The ones who have not attained Brahman but disregard discipline by posing as Brahman realized person. They deny the existence of GOd and say that they themselves are Gods. Hence no discipline for them.
  • The Nastiks
    The ones who do not believe in God, or his scriptures, or who believe in just Karma, and disregard the idea of a supreme reality altogether. Neo atheism is introduced by scientists and other such people, who do not study spirituality correctly and then claim it to be false by studying the false aspects of spirituality.

God asks us to pray to God from such an unholy company is because, in Kali yuga, the power of these forces is high, and we are like sheep among a pack of wolves. So an omnipotent God will be able to save us from these unholy company.

“Therefore, a person should request from Bhagvaan, “May I never encounter the company of these four types of people‟. He should also pray, “Mahaaraaj. Please protect me from the inner enemies of kaam, krodh, lobh, moh, ahankaar, irshyaa, and the belief that I am the body. Also, forever keep me in the company of your bhaktas‟.

A person should daily pray to Bhagvaan in this way, and always be wary of such kusangis and inner enemies.

The second part of the prayer is to protect us from inner vices. It is very difficult to fight the internal vices and desires. These vices are of lust, greed, infatuation, ego and jealousy.  We need God, and his grace to be saved from these vicess and bad company. Hence one must pray daily to God for protection from these unholy and unwanted things. And one must always act cautiously to avoid such company and intrusion of such vices.

|| End of Vachanaamrut Gadhadaa I || 48 ||

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