Dear Basant, I advise you to read this letter when you become an adult and are older. I am writing from my experience. To be born as a human being in this world is a rare opportunity – this is true. One who abuses one’s body, having obtained the human form, is only an animal. You have received a lot of wealth and good resources. If these are used to serve others, then, of course, such resources will become useful. If not, they will become a devil’s weapon. Pay heed to this principle:

1 ) Never use wealth for luxury and cheap pleasure. Ravana had indulged in luxury and promiscuity; King Janaka had rendered service. Wealth is never eternal; therefore, so long as it lasts, use it for serving others. Use the least possible amount for yourself, the rest you should spend to alleviate the sorrows of suffering ones.

2 ) Wealth is power. Intoxicated by such power, one may act unjustly towards another – you must be careful about this.

3 ) Do leave this advice for your children; if they lead a life of comfort and luxury, then they would be committing sin and destroying our business activities. You must not bequeath wealth to such spoilt brats. Before it can reach them, distribute it to poor. You have to realise that you are the trustee of such wealth, and we brothers have generated this wealth in the hope that you will put it to good uses.

4) Remember always that you hold wealth on behalf of the common citizens. You cannot use it for your selfish ends.

5 ) Never forget God. He gives right understanding.

6 ) Keep your senses under control, otherwise, they will drown you.

7 ) Physical exercise must be done regularly.

8 ) Control your consumption of food. Those who eat to please the palate die early and cannot work enough.

Ghanshyam Das Birla.

Ghanshyam Das Birla was an amazing businessman and more than that, a beautiful person from within. His intelligence and spiritual understanding can be felt in this letter of his.

There are a lot of temples of Shree Krishna made by Birla, which are popularly known as Birla temples. It is a great inspiration for those who want to stay unattached, even when one is surrounded by wealth and prosperity.

This kind of understanding should be passed on to each and every generation so that we can have a bright future and some spiritually sound people.

We need to ask ourselves, have we ever taken the responsibility to tell our children such things? have done enough so that our children are a boon to the society? We need to take inspiration from G. D. Birla…


  1. Woow! amazing! This is what called as Noble thinking,nobility in thoughts and actions too.
    This is referred in Tirukkural also that a father should guide his children towards the Noble path so that such Noble “samskaras” reach every generation and every generation feels proud of it’s predecessor.
    Hats off to you Birla sir!
    My humble obeisances to you and Birla family!


    • It is true. Yet many parents fail to deliver this kind of wisdom to their children. It is the parents who have to take the initiative to educate themselves and their children to give rise to a better future for the society.
      May all those who read this do at least this much for their children. Just giving them education is not enough. We need to impart values too.


  2. Dear Aryan,
    The example given by Mr Birla is of King Janak, who was a great propagator of Sanatan Dharma.
    Do not misinterpret Mr Birla’s words. What he means is, “Simple Living and High thinking.”
    He does not just mean humanitarian services, but alleviating sorrows of others has a very wide spectrum, which includes propagating Sanatan Dharma. We need not become radical about it, our own life should inspire people to adopt and spread the fragrance of Sanatan Dharma.
    And by looking at Mr Birla’s life, it is evident he was a great devotee of Lord Krishna, and building temples do sustain the Sanatan Dharma, although, we need to spread knowledge through such institutions.
    I totally agree with teaching the Sanatan Dharma, but I would like to be well versed in it first.Yes, there is a need of awareness of how rich and lofty our Hindu culture is, people have lost faith in it because of unawareness and lack of knowledge, and it needs to happen right at the basic level at home to institutional level like schools.
    I have faith that when the time is due, such revolutions will happen.


  3. In my humble opinion, Point 1 is totally inadequate. Birla should have advised his Son to not only use his wealth to help the poor but more importantly to use it to propogate Sanatana Dharma. This is what is missing in Bharat today. I don’t simply mean to build temples but to actually contribute toward building institutions that perpetuate Dharma such as Pathashalas, Hindu universities, etc. The enemies of Hinduism are well aware of the importance of this & you can often see them contributing towards educational endowments that promote anti-Hindu values but Hindus have yet to learn this important point unfortunately. The perpetuation of Sanatana Dharma by building & maintaining institutions that teach is the most vital need of the hour. The future survival of Hindu Dharma may well depend on it!


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