Debunking myths about “Vishnu”.

glossary-1-1glossary-1-2In Sanskrit, words are used in two ways. One is as adjectives and other is as nouns.Each word in Sanskrit has a meaning and an origin.  That is why each and every word in Sanskrit can be used as an adjective as well as the noun form.

In general sense, people take Vishnu as the God, one of Tri-murti. That is, one of the holy trinity of Hinduism.,Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv, which is true. Vishnu is one of these demi-Gods.

First, let us understand the adjective aspect of the word Vishnu. Vishnu means “the sustainer, the nourisher, or the preserver”. Vishnu means the one who takes care of the universe.

  • Vishnu- Demi-God

As mentioned above, the sustainer in the Trimurti is called Vishnu. Who is that Vishnu? He is definitely not the Supreme God. The demi-Gods, Brahma Vishnu and Shiv are deacons of their respective universe. Yes, there are infinite universes, and each of the universes has 3 actions, that is creation, sustenance and destruction and the 3 demigods responsible for that are Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva respectively.

This Vishnu is destroyed in Nimitta pralaya, along with Brahma and Shiva.This Vishnu is born out of the heart of Virat Narayan, and he is Satva-gun dominant. Since He is a demi-god, He is not a Narayan Tatva.

The life duration of this Vishnu is 4.32 billion human years.

  • Maha-Vishnu (Pradhan Purush)

Another entity knows as Vishnu, is the Maha-Vishnu, also knows as Pradhan Purush in Swaminarayan nomenclature. This Maha-Vishnu has 7 powers and is 4-armed. His original form is 4-armed.

Then the question arises, ‘all avatars are of Vishnu.’, then who is this Vishnu?

It is actually this Vishnu from whom all the avatars like Kachha, Vrah, Matsya etc are manifested, except Shri Krishna. This Vishnu is also called as Bhuma Purush, Lakshmi Narayan or Sita-Ram. The devotes of this Vishnu gain a $armed form and live with Him in his abode. This Vishnu is destroyed in Prakrut Pralaya.

The life duration of this Vishnu is 3.1536 x 1014 human years.

  • Vishnu- The Supreme God.

Now, taking this into perspective, the Supreme God, the one God is called Vishnu because He is the sustainer of the all that exists. That is why Vishnu is a name given to God. And that is why since God is the ultimate sustainer of all the creation, the ultimate cause of all creation, is called Vishnu.

This God is eternal and is also called Purushottam Narayan and is knows as Swaminarayan.  It is this God that one has to worshi[ for ultimate salvation.


      • thank you kartik, all say God is sarvopari, but i think our behaviour should be such that all should believe that lord Swaminarayan is sarvopari. That was the case in the past, the devotees and sairs were so good in their conduct that people felt the greatness and glory of God.


  1. By this type of thoughts, our Sanathan dharm has been broken in many parts. People of each sampradays glorifying the form of God that they worship greater than all others. There is only one God with many forms. There is no difference with one being greater than others. Hari and Har are one. We should not give this type of knowledge about one greater than others. This will create conflict among people of Sanathan dharm.


  2. You have done good job on other posts but this is wrong information. This information is twisted by other people just to glorify the God that they worship and degrade others. Totally wrong information.


    • एकात्म्यमेव विज्ञेयं नारायणमहेशयोः ।
      उभयोर्ब्रह्मरूपेण वेदेषु प्रतिपादनात् ॥47
      No distinction shall be made between Narayan and Shiva, as they are both proclaimed as
      Brahmanswarupa by the Vedas. (47)
      The above is a shlok from Shikshaptri. A scripture by Lord Swaminarayan.
      Do not worry about the Sanatan Dharma, we have utmost reverence towards Shivji 🙂 But dare not say the information is twisted, these differences are stated and proven in Vedic scriptures like Gita, Srimad Bhagavatam and Mahabharat.


    • It is confusing for ordinary minds. Thank Lord Swaminarayan and his saints for making things simple and understandable for us.
      The Vachanamrut and Swamini Vato are the best scriptures for understanding the philosophies and principles(tatva-gnan) of spirituality.


      • Don’t be limited to one book there are many others. Anyone can glorify the one that they follow.


    • Baghwan is only one. There is no number 1 and number 2. There is only one Sri Visnu who is same as Bholenath. Both are one. The books that teach that one is greater than others are twisted.


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