Vachanamrut #GI–57.1 The Most Extraordinary Method To Attain Moksh

  • Vachanamrut Adhyayan By Hariswarup Swami- An English Translation (Click Here)

57.1 In the Samvat year 1876, on Fãgan sud 2 [15th February 1820], Shreeji Mahãrãj was sitting in the residential hall of the sãdhus in Dãdã Khãchar’s darbãr in Gadhadã. He was dressed entirely in white clothes. A sabhã of sãdhus, as well as haribhaktas from various places, had gathered before Him.

57.2 Then, Shreeji Mahãrãj said, “Those of you who know how to engage in a question-answer discussion, may ask one question each.”

57.3 Muktãnand Swãmi then asked, “Mahãrãj, what is the most  extraordinary means of attaining moksh?”

Muktanand Swami asked the most important question, which is regarding the fourth and the most important pursuit of Human life, that is Moksha.

There are various methods and means listen to various scriptures, in the world, out of all that, which is the most extraordinary method? Out of a billion things, if we know and can choose only one method which can secure our liberation, then why would one search for more?

57.4 Shreeji Mahãrãj replied, “The knowledge of Bhagvãn’s svarup and the knowledge of Bhagvãn’s greatness are the two most extraordinary means to attain moksh.”

Then Lord Swaminarayan replied with the answer, the most extraordinary method is to know God’s original form and his greatness.

Let us elaborate on this. When we are asked to talk about our favourite actor or personality, and talk about his life, his character, his persona, his appearance, his likes/dislikes, what he was like, and what did he achieve in his life? I think we will be able to talk about him for hours, without getting tired or bored. What if we are asked to talk about someone we love? We would so eagerly talk about him/her.

What if someone asks us to talk about God? What do you know about Him? How does He look? What does he do? How much do you love Him?

Will we be able to talk even for 5 minutes? I guess no. Then that is how much we know God.

Now let us take the example of our revered saint Adharanand Swami, who wrote a scriptures Haricharitramrut Sagar containing 1 lakh stanzas amounting to over 5500 pages. That is how much He knew God.

I am not asking you to make such a staggering scripture, but at least know God as much as we know our favourite personalities. What do we know about God? Does anything come to our mind when we think of God? If nothing comes, we are in a miserable position, and we should move out of it as soon as possible.

When it comes to understanding God’s Swarup, we need to know that he has form, and he is not formless. Then we need to establish his divinity, and although he appears as a human among us, he is divine and transcendent to the material world, and also governs, time, material energy and the laws of karma exclusively.

Let us now try to understand God’s greatness. What if I told you, that there is an entity, who is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent and extremely compassionate, benevolent and gracious to His devotees, who can do absolutely anything for His devotees, and inasmuch, he can also liberate his devotee from clutches of Maya, time(death) and nullify all the Karmas(in the forms of sins and meritorious deeds), and save us from facing the consequences of it and He can make us independent and free like Himself and give us the power and the ability to liberate others?

That. My friend is God, the absolute, eternal entity who is the source of all, and reigns supreme over all, and out of compassion, gives us a chance to love Him and be loved by Him, what wouldn’t one do for a God like that? Who is real and compassionate, ideal and generous to reveal Himself in the hearts of His true devotees.

Doesn’t it lure us to know such God, to attain such a God, love such a God? We all value money, and we therefore

That is why Lord Swaminarayan coupled knowledge of his form as well as His greatness as the extraordinary means to attain moksha. As God is the only one who can grant us moksha. And from whom can we learn all this, His true saintly people. Who might be a male, a female, a child, a saint or a householder! That is why it is said, seek the company of saints daily, associate with them, serve them, because they will give you knowledge of God and his greatness! We all know the importance of money and the greatness of it, hence how tirelessly we work to accumulate it. Similarly, by knowing the greatness of God, we will tirelessly work to attain Him!

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