Vachanamrut #GI–57.2 Nature of Love towards God.

57.5 Muktãnand Swãmi then asked another question, “What is the nature of love towards Bhagvãn?”

We all know, that Bhakti( devotion) means extraordinary love towards God. But what is Love? Do we know love, and what is love towards God specifically, as love for other material persons or things might be driven by self-interest, but love towards divine is different. What is the nature of that love?

57.6 Shreeji Mahãrãj answered, “The nature of true love is that it should not be developed by logical thinking. However, if a person develops love by logically thinking of Bhagvãn’s gun, then perceiving avgun in Bhagvãn will cause his love to be broken. Therefore, it is best to leave such love as it was originally, rather than repeatedly establishing it and then raising doubts about it. Instead, a person should develop love towards Bhagvãn with blind faith. After all, love developed by logically thinking of Bhagvãn’s gun cannot be trusted. Therefore, a person should develop the same type of love towards Bhagvãn as he has for his bodily relations. This love is known as love due to blind faith. However, having said this, love developed by realising Bhagvãn’s greatness is of a totally different nature altogether.”

What is love which is developed by logical thinking? It’s not love, but an agreement or a decision made after gauging the profits we earn from it! That is not love, it is like most of the relationships and marriage of today, where the guy gauges the benefits he can get from the girl and the girl thinks of monetary/lifestyle and social etc benefits she can get from the guy? Nobody gets associated with each other out of unconditional selfless love!

That is why Lord says that love develops by logically thinking the qualities of  God will disappear when He perceives a fault in God, for various reasons, mainly associated with perceiving the God in Human form as a human and forgets the divinity of God.

Love for God is unconditional, and it increases with time, and never fades away.

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