That BournVita will not make him intelligent! – An inspiring story…

IMG_5204This is an amazing story, making us realize how great our elders are when it comes to common sense and how foolish we have become due to the influence of TV and other media devices.

This is an actual event that happened in one of close relative’s house. Their son and I were good friends, so he told me this.

The story goes like this, every day her mother used to make BournVita for him, just used to mix that chocolate powder in the milk for him. His grandma saw this for a few days, while she was engaged in her devotional practices. She observed this for a few days, and then one fine day, she came to the kitchen and asked her daughter in law, what was she doing?

She casually said that I am giving him this chocolate milk so that he becomes strong and intelligent. Grandma definitely did not appreciate it, but kept quiet and got busy with her devotion again.

At the dinner table, when his father and everyone else (her mother, his sister and a younger brother), were present, grandma said in an assertive voice,” I wish to tell you something, Dear Bahu(daughter in law), I lost my husband when my son (your husband) was very young of age, and I raised him feeding him buttermilk and bajra’s rotlo(a thick roti). We were poor then, and now due to God’s grace and after a lot of hard work and his education, he is the owner of one the leading biomedical companies in Mumbai. We have ample amount of money now, and you and these children have a wonderful lifestyle. Yet, what I wish to share now is, if you have that amount of extra money, why don’t you donate it to the temple which is constructed near our house, or to someone else needy. That bournvita will not make him intelligent, but these Sanskars will make him a better person. I know that powder does not cost much, but if we can pay fees of some needy, then it will be of better use because all that “extra”, that you feed to your son, will make him fat and that food will ultimately become faeces then next morning! I am not against you or him eating nice food or wearing nice clothes, but I want you to take the responsibility that he appreciates what he has. And by virtue of which, he should develop the habit of sharing the fortune that he has with the needy and learn to donate it to God. We are devotees of Lord Swaminarayan, we have to live an exemplary spiritual life which I think will be possible if have a simple life and a broader and a higher thinking…”

These words were so inspirational that I could not help but share it with you all.

The spiritual perspective :

His grandma was a strong lady because she raised a son being a single mother and while doing that, she maintained her integrity and dignity. When asked how was she able to do that, she replied it was due to a steadfast faith in God. More than being a good and strong lady, she was an ardent devotee of God.

She was so insightful because of her devotion to God. I can understand that it might look miserly of her, but this is not for common people, it is for those people who want to live an exceptional life. The Bourn-Vita was just a suggestive indication, but what she focused on was unnecessary and plain stupid waste of money. She wasn’t a miser, but she was very clear about where to spend money because she knew the value of money, and also the welfare from spending it correctly.

I do not suggest that you keep your children malnutritioned, but what I want to share from this post is, do not pamper your children out of stupidity. Also try to understand the prime focus of life is spirituality and try to inculcate this in the family so that they all have the same inclination because only then the family will live happily and our life will run smoothly.



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