Debunking myths about Lord Swaminarayan’s Original photo…


This photo has been circulating around the internet and otherwise and has become popular as the “original photo of Lord Swaminarayan” for a quite sometime now.  Well, it is NOT the original photo. Let us see why?

You may have seen people keeping it in their pooja too, but it is not a a real photo.

Camera was invented in France in 1826, and it was printed on metal. It was not as easy it is not to carry and operate, and it was in its early stage of invention, and it again wasn’t commonly used.

The camera which could print photos on paper was invented in 1835 in England,whereas Lord Swaminarayan departed from this earth in 1830, then how can it be the original photo of Lord Swaminarayan?

Then who is this person in the photo? 
Well not many people know of this, but after the departure of Lord Swaminarayan, during the timeline of Gunatitanand Swami, there is a village named Chuda, and there lived a Harikrushna Brahmin, a devotee of Lord Swaminarayan, who posed as Lord Swaminarayan and wore clothes like Him and acted like Him. He initiated the saints, and called them with names like Muktanand etc. Two saints of Gunatitanand swami went to him.  This is his photo.

Another point is, his hands do not match that of Gopinathji Maharaj, and his turban seems to be ready-made and not tied like Lord Swaminarayan’s. And the most of all the beauty spot on the right cheek.

Therefore, dear followers of Lord Swaminarayan, please spread this awareness. And don’t be mislead by such fake photos.



6 thoughts on “Debunking myths about Lord Swaminarayan’s Original photo…

  1. I am staunch follower of srikrishna,hence of swami Narayana,can u provide me his true photo painting while he was alive,I want it for worshipping.
    How can I have prakat darshan of Shri Swami Narayan.


    1. The Murti of Harikrishna Maharaj is readily available on net.
      Here are the images of paintings and images of Lord Swaminarayan which are traditionally used since the time of Lord Swaminarayan.
      I have added the images which were used during the time of Lord Swaminarayan. They were made probably by Adharanand Swami.


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