May god bless the women who wear the dupatta properly!

I have spoken a lot of times on clothing, because what we wear says a lot about us. No, not what we wear, but what we choose, prefer and like to wear, says a lot about us.

In my college days, there were a few girls, who always wore a salwar kameez, the one worn by Punjabi women, or inspired by it. In spite of almost all the girls wearing a jeans and a top, they never seemed to be interested in wearing it.

And the result of it was, all the boys had a different approach towards them. They were talked about more respectfully. It wasn’t just their modest and simple dressing, but this modesty and simplicity was also evident in their conduct, which made a significant difference in the way we boys approached them. They were rare, such girls, I can only a few girls who wore just the salwar kameez in college, but they were different in a good way. There was always a different kind of admiration towards them.

The dupatta was an integral part of their dress, which portrayed their modesty and the awareness that they had, of people around them. Just look at the picture above, it is so beautiful

The fashion has changed a lot, with tops becoming shorter and jeans getting lower. Then there is a crazy fashion of exposing shoulders, which makes no sense at all. I won’t speak much on fashion as I just don’t get it, and it usually doesn’t make sense at all.

But I do want to say, a simple dress, and a modest conduct, made most of the boys have admiration for such girls, and all had to accept it.

I often asked the girls to experiment it, and they often said it worked, that just by switching to salwar kameez, there was a change in how people approached them. I would any reader reading to experiment with it. Although it is not just the clothing, but the overall conduct, but clothing played an important part too in the way people approach you. But it is worth a try.

If not much, then at the least, one must wear such an attire at a temple or any religious place, one must have that much sense.

The dupatta is a handy cloth for many things, like it can be used to cover the head during summer, or it can be used to as an extra layer of clothing in winter, it is also used to cover the fave from dust on a windy day, and most importantly, it looks so sober, modest and simple!

Even if one person is inspired to change their dressing, I think this post has served its purpose….

“I have a cleavage and it shows, problem? ” vs “I wear a dupatta properly so it doesn’t show, so no problem!” it is your choice…

jeans in Indian summer!

The laaj(veil) went, taking the laaj(modesty) with it!

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