The uniqueness of Swaminarayan Temples…

  • The separate arrangement for males and females.

We have heard the stories of groping in lalbaug and other such places. To eradicate that completely, Lord Swaminarayan had made clear separate arrangements for males and females. That custom is still continued in most of the temples. Lord Swaminarayan insists so much on this that he has ordered his followers to not touch the opposite sex in the temple premises, even if they are husband and wife. When the individuals of opposite sex associate freely and frequently, there are very high chances of lust developing, hence to avoid any such situations, lord Swaminarayan made different arrangement for both men and women

This is to keep the sanctity of the temple and the atmosphere of the temple divine. There are different times for darshan for males and females. And in most cities, there are different temples altogether for females and males.

  • No necessary need of customs like cococunts, flowers, or mannats.

The Swaminarayan Temples donot have a necessary custom of offering a coconut, ot flowers or a chunari(cloth), or a compulsory mannats, there are no gimmicks.

The temples is made to provide spiritual growth and sentimental comfort to the devotees, so the temple are made in such a way that the devotee should feel the presence of God and not feel like he is in a market.

Although some temples have an optional custom for some devotees desirous of gaining something from God,or if they are distressed, for them there are mahapuja or anything like that yo satisfy their needs, but it is not necessary, a true prayer and a Vow is enough to get grace of God.

  • Peaceful Darshan, and constant kirtans and lectures.

The temple should provide the devotees with spiritual knowledge and hence most of the temples of Swaminarayan sect have upto 5 regular lectures daily. And in the times between, there are kirtans and meditation routines. The temple is constantly engaged with spiritual activities, making its vibrations divine.

Also, there no rush to perform darshan of you plan your schedule well, the temple is rarely crowded and one can peacefully perform the darshan of the deity and memorize it and recall it again and again.

People who come to the Swaminarayan temple usually engage in some or the other type of devotion and don’t waste their time by chatting.

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