Learn to cook, become independent!

Cooking is a an art that we all should learn, at least the basic stuff. It is because it is a basic need of us.

The satsangis should learn cooking for a simple reason that, what we eat affects our spiritual progress. If we eat from corrupted and defiled sources, then our spiritual status will decline and our antahkaran, that is out mind, intelligence etc will become corrupted.

Secondly, men should especially learn to cook as they have to travel and it is necessary to be able to cook. It is easy on the pocket too. And satsangi men should learn it Because of the menstrual discipline prescribed by Lord Swaminarayan. During those 3 days, they must cook for God, it is a privilege.

To women, it is a necessary art they must know. They can impress anyone and gain grace of their elders and please their relatives and especially their husband.

It is shame if they don’t know how to cook.

One the important reason is health issues, we don’t notice it, but eating outside food corrodes our health from within, both spiritual and physical.

And Mark my words, when you know how to cook, you get rid of laziness in cooking and the best part, you become independent.! No need to be dependent on anyone to feed yourself!

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