Vachanamrut Adhyayan-An English Translation of Hariswarup Swami’s Discourses (Volume 1)Proudly Presenting A New Book.

UPDATE 2 : This book is now available on Public domain : (Click Here)

Proudly Presenting-Vachanamrut Adhyayan Volume 2

UPDATE: The contact form does not work in every browser, so please enter your email id in the comments section to receive the digital copy of the book(PDF format).

This translation is for everyone who is interested in understanding the Vachanamrut in a better manner. It is basically a translation of the lectures of Hariswarup Swami, one of the greatest orators of Swaminarayan Sect.

As all his lectures are in Gujarati language, but are of exceptional quality and combined with his legendary way of delivering, I thought it is necessary that someone must translate this work to make it available for most of the English consumers.

A lot is lost in translation, and that is why I would suggest that one must learn Gujarati and listen and watch these videos which are available on YouTube.

Link to the original Gujarati Lectures.

I was very moved by the lectures and the in-depth explanation of the vacahanamruts. There no words that can be used to describe what I felt while I was translating these lectures, but I only hope that may this translation be helpful to someone.

“One soul inspired is better than a thousand impressed!

I hope you all readers be pleased by this work, and all the credit goes to Hariswarup Swami for his wonderful discourses, an inspiration for me to write this, and my Guru, and all the people who helped me and motivated me to continue this translation.

This isn’t the final work although, all the corrections, suggestions are welcomed and respected. This volume contains only the first 10 discourses. I will upload as soon as I complete others.

This translations are close to my heart,so I will be sending it personally to anyone who asks for it, and in near future ,they will be available on public domain.

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