An honest confession…

Dear readers,

The blogs that I post on this site are primarily what I have heard, and thought upon, and some of them are my experiences.

I am still on my way to reach the ultimate realization, I still have a lot of faults that I need to rectify. It is not necessary that I act according to the ideal thoughts that I have. I wish to and I will, there’s no doubt about that. But comparing myself to where I was and where I have reached, I have come a long way, and there is a long long way to go.

What do I expect from you then?

Well, all I ask for, is your prayers. There are times when I have a tornado of thoughts in my mind, thoughts of lust, of greed, of aversion, of reproach, of envy … it is just too much sometimes. It takes a toll on me. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose, the battle is on, and t maybe a lifelong battle.

Writing these blogs helps me a lot, it feels nice to help people. It feels nice to do the right thing, and inspire people to do what is right.

I am still on my path, and I need your prayers.

Thanking you.

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