Is it not insulting to women that Swaminarayan saints don’t talk to them and don’t allow them in their premises?

There are some disciplines followed in Swaminarayan sect, that people find might be insulting to women.

Some of them are pertaining to the discipline followed by saints that they don’t touch, or talk to women, don’t even look at them intentionally, and they are not allowed to enter the premises where saints live. Another thing is that the women sit behind men in an assembly, or sit altogether in a different room when saints are delivering a lecture. Isn’t this against their human rights? What about equality?

Well, I do understand the perspective of the people, when they say all this, but the real reason behind such discipline is to keep the spiritual path corruption free. When men and women associate freely and frequently, there is a chance if lapse in integrity of their Dharma.

Now, in all honesty, I don’t see what’s insulting to women in this? Is maintaining integrity insulting? Is keeping spirituality intact insulting?

Let me ask a few questions, and then maybe you’ll understand what’s more insulting to women than these disciplines followed by saints of Swaminarayan sect.

Is not women getting sexually exploited in the name of religion and godliness insulting to women?

Don’t women find casting couches insulting?

Don’t women find readily posing naked for their boyfriends, for some money, some fame insulting?

Isn’t it insulting for women to be sold in advertisement,where the woman is shown as the object and not the product?#aamsutra

Don’t they find it insulting when they are treated like objects in movies and TV?

Being sold just for some dowry, or some business favour is not insulting,right? Domestic violence is not insulting?

What about being pimped by own relatives? What about incest? isn’t that insulting?

Isn’t it worse that instead of learning about modesty and self control, they are being taught to be adulterous?#mychoice

Is not being exposed in movies and songs more insulting? Is not being asked for sexual favours for getting a job or a place in an organisation insulting?

The things that I have mentioned here are far more worse than what Swaminarayan sect is doing. In fact, the Swaminarayan saints are inspiring women to know their worth, they are inspiring them not to be cheap and sell themselves, sell their bodies. They are educating them to live with integrity and dignity through spiritual education.

If that’s what women or men find insulting, then I’m afraid you have a perverted disposition. It is an appeal from me to such people, that please stop misguiding people. Stop treating people like cattle and give them the truth.

The disciplines of Swaminarayan sect prevents the saints to become Asaram bapu or Ram Rahim Baba. Such things happen only when people are not correctly educated. It is your duty to educate your children about what is right and what is not. You need to tell them who is a true saint and who is not. But how will you tell them? Because you have failed to gain knowledge about it yourself , because you were busy gossiping about page 3 celebrities and their affairs!

Dear people, spirituality needs to maintain purity, and segregating the sexes is a fool proof method to do it.  

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