The flip side of female exposure /boldness on TV and other media :

I once saw a video on YouTube “Teens react to Anaconda”. Anaconda is song by Nikki Minaj, it has a lot of booty exposure and twerking. So in that video, a group of teenagers, from various backgrounds, both boys and girls were shown the video of that song, and there asked to give their thoughts on it.

There was a particular girl, her thoughts were very insightful I found. She said that these kinds of videos and exposing of women boldy in general in various platforms, be it advertisement, or magazines, TV or social network, causes men and boys to think that they are entitled to it. This causes them to casually ask for nudes from their girlfriends. A woman’s breast are frequently exposed in Game of thrones, but how many times is a man showed naked? In the same manner, in the relationship of common boys and girls, the boy thinks it is okay to spank her, touch her and display affection publicly. Why is all this happening? Because it has become common for women being exposed, women are doing it willingly, allowing it willingly and no one is condemning it. And if someone does it, they are called outdated and Orthodox! This isn’t women empowerment or being bold, it is a straightforward insult to women’s dignity!

Similarly, in entertainment industry, such exposure makes it compulsory for women to expose of they want to be noticed. If you want to be miss India, then pose in a bikini! If you want to be an actress, do some intimate bed scenes! It is rare that they are given good roles in the beginning!

It happens in common situations too, if a girl allows a guy to tickle her once, it becomes a habit for him, similarly, in many other boundaries are crossed if a girl allows it just once. The girl allows an inch, the guy takes an ell! We see that in movies it is shown that the guy gets away with so much of misbehavior with the girl! This makes guys think that its okay to flirt, it is okay to get touchy feely! But no its not, those people in movie have no shame at all. We aren’t actors! This is real life! Don’t imitate them!

Hence it is utmost necessary, that if a girl wants to maintain her dignity, then she has to be firm and strong right from the beginning and till the end. I have seen many girls in my studying days, that they never allowed guys to touch them, and they never hung out with them alone. They had their boundaries defined and they stayed by it, be it going to home at time, or not sitting behind a guy on a bike, or not letting a guy sit behind them if they were riding, even they wouldn’t sit beside a guy unnecessarily. With them, the guys behaved properly and never ever did they misbehave. The girls maintained this kind of limits with everyone, there weren’t any exceptions. Or some girls have exception, they say he is my best friend, he is allowed! How stupid! The weakest link of feminism are weak females!

While there were some who didn’t condemn the advancement of guys, and gradually, they were taken for granted. And the mischief with them got worse everyday.

So in school or college or at workplace, if a woman keeps her guard up high always, and trusts people wisely, only then it’ll be safe for her. Only then it’ll be possible for her to avoid any kind of harassment.

I read an answer on quora, it was about  punishment like castration to crimes like rape. There was an answer given by a wise lady, she said that rape is already late. It is unstoppable. The breaks should be applied long before. How many times have we stopped our friend from teasing a girl? How many times have we slapped our friend for misbehaving with a Girl? How many times has a girl been firm in condemning the guys who these her? How many times has a guy drawn limits to a girl being over friendly? Never! Then how will rape stop! We have to draw limits long before it happens! And don’t mind me saying this, but dressing modestly is one such step! But no one will believe it!

One man asked Alexander’s sister what is the best adornment for women? She replied, the only and best adornment for a lady is her modesty and dignity. .

Looking at the society one of the great thinker’s in west wrote, “my daughter, be great but be a great woman. Never try to be a great man

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