Book Review: Shri Swaminarayan : God in redemptive action- By Manilal C Parekh

Manilal Chhotalal Parekh (1885-1967), a Gujarati convert to Anglican church, was an Indian Christian theologian, and the founder of Hindu Church of Christ—free from Westerninfluence – opposing Western and institutional nature of Christianity in India.

He developed a new syncretistic JesusYogi model, identifying himself as a Hindu disciple of Jesus Christ—although, Jesus never knew of Yoga, Parekh credited him with being a Yogi by birth. He authored several books, especially A Hindu’s Portrait of Christ that constructed a portrait of Christ from a Hindu point of view.

This book isn’t like any other biography of Lord Swaminarayan out there. It is unique in its way, because the author has written it from a very different perspective.

The author has compared Lord Swaminarayan with his contemporaries of that time, and showed how better he was. He has also enlisted a lot of stories of Lord Swaminarayan to keep people engaged in the book. He has many times compared Lord Swaminarayan to Jesus Christ and compared their wok together, this gives us a refreshing point of view towards Lord Swaminarayan. Both of them being so different in terms of time and thier area of work, it is astounding to see the similarity in their work!

He has well addressed the romance in discipleship, which i think is unique to Lord Swaminarayan.

He has marvelously glorified the sect during Lord Swaminarayan’s  presence and he has bluntly criticizes the now state of the sect. He has mentioned some deep secrets of the sect, which shows that he has studied the sect under an able guidance of a true saint or a devotee of the sect.

A must read!

Get it here:Download

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