The Five Fundamental Vows- New Book

This is the book that we all need to read. The new generation has many questions regarding the practices and philosophies behind our vedic injunctions and inhibitions.

This books answers them all and inspires one to follow those disciplines with a rock solid understanding. It also addresses that the cause almost all the bad elements of the society are due to transgressions of these inhibitions.

Lord Swaminarayan established 5 fundamental vows as given below :
• Vegetarianism
• Abstaining from intoxication
• No Stealing
• Abstaining from Adultery
• No proselytization

Lord Swaminarayan has established these five fundamental vows for all the people of his fellowship to follow. But in actuality, there for everyone to follow.This translation isn’t done by me completely. I have just gone through it and done some editing. I may have added a little pertaining to recent times.
I’d like to thank Nitesh Srivastav for completely translating these lectures for me. This is his book, and may God bless him.
This dedicated to all those readers and minds filled with curiosity about the fundamental vows of Lord Swaminarayan.
I hope this book inspires one to follow the vows easily and with a great conviction.


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