I’m not selling the land, not to you specially.

There lived a wager in a village. He worked for a wealthy farmer who had a lot of huge fields.

That wager earned and saved money and later on moved on to the big city and became wealthy. 

He went back to the s village becoming a wealthy man and was very well respected and received by the village.

He heard that his master, the wealthy farmer had faced back to back financial losses. He had decided to sell some of his farms.

The wager, now a wealthy man approached his master for buying that land.

He hesitated to ask for the land directly, so indirectly asked,” Are you selling the farm? The people in the village are talking so.”

He bluntly replied,” Why do you bother?”

Still hesitant, he mumbled, ” I…I… Wish to buy it!”

The farmer roared,” WHAT!! I am not selling the land! Not to ‘you’ specifically!”

The wager was hurt by the harsh words. He looked down and whispered,” Because I’m still a wager to you, it hurts your pride isn’t it?”

The farmer sighed,” You had been my best servant. I was the happiest person to know you have done well in your life and become a wealthy man. You are like a son to me. If you buy land here, you’ll wish to do farming here and even your sons will be brought up here. There is no future in this village. There is nothing left in the village. I’m not selling the land to you because you are dear to me. I want your sons to have a future, a prosperous future like you. Let them learn and be educated in the city!”

What did I learn from this?

This is a true story. The wager is known by the name Dhanabhai, an elderly devotee who visit the temple, he narrated this story to me. What inspired me to publish this story was the nobility of the farmer. It just goes to show that people in India back then may have had dirty clothes, but their hearts were pure. Also the relation between the master and the servant, it was like a family. They cared for each other so much. The person Dhanabhai is a gem of a person, I have never seen such a hardworking and sincere person in my life.

It made me compare them to people now. How many employees work as if it is their own company? The employers take care of the workers as their own, but most of the employees are selfish. Nobody wishes to work for the company’s good. And maybe that’s why the pressure is built on people. People don’t work and the people who work have to face all the pressure. The wise are the ones who work honestly and sincerely, knowing that God is watching and he never does injustice to anyone!

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