Corona Advice to all the readers.


If we are alive, we will create a new world. No need to worry about a few days. What if we die? There would nothing be left!

Take the advice of the Government seriously.

The Following codes of conduct in Shikshapatri by Lord Swaminarayan are most needed and applicable in today’s Corona period.

In the event of a calamity, which has befallen naturally or through a person or an epidemic etc one shall always act in such a way that one can save one’s own life and also that of others but shall never act otherwise. Shikshapatri 119

They shall store food and accumulate wealth for their future requirements according to their circumstances and their abilities. Those who own cattle shall store sufficient stock of fodder. 141

They shall spend money according to their income. Those who spend more than their income put themselves into severe difficulty. 145

They shall pay the agreed remuneration, in cash or kind, to persons employed by them and under no circumstance pays less than the agreed amount. 152

My advice to all the people, that the most critically struck would be the lower strata of the society. So, all of us should give them paid leaves, so that they do not get infected and they do not infect us.

Secondly, don’t hoard good, focus on needs and don’t do injustice to other people by consuming too much. Just focus on needs.


Lastly, now is the perfect time for practicing devotion and gaining spiritual understanding. so read scriptures and listen to lectures now. We have such a good time now for it. Don’t just watch corona news…

All the best to all. May God Bless us all.

If we have a little faith in God, trust me, Lord Swaminarayan will save us all.

A spiritual perspective on Corona Virus

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