I am a spiritual seeker and on my quest to understand spirituality, I have found a treasure and I wish to share it with people who are sincerely inquisitive about spirituality.

Owing to my family, I was already in a spiritual atmosphere. So the seeds of spirituality were already present in me due to the great impressions of my Grandparents.

As I grew older, I went a little astray from the spiritual path.

Yet, I feel I am the luckiest person on this earth to have found a true spiritual master who picked me up and put me back on track. Also, I would like to thank all my friends and family, for they truly love me; they always supported me and gave me the time and space that I needed in these difficult times.They knew what was good for me when I did not know what I was going through.

When I look back at all this, I realised one thing very clearly, that every time we desert God from our life, our life becomes a desert. And to be honest I don’t think I deserve to know Him, or that I deserve His grace, yet He was always paying personal attention to me and took care of me every single time I cried for His help. So it was the time that I got up and took charge of myself and got back on the true path of my life. I just feel blessed because it was all so well orchestrated that I feel it is neither me nor the situations or the people around me that led me to where I am, but my God “up there” and “in here” led me to where I am now. It is as if He took the form of my friends, my family and each and every atom around me to guide me to Him. The best part of all this is, it feels so personal.

Now, all I am doing is helping as many as I can, knowing that it is He who is truly doing it all. I made a decision that I will speak the truth, unadulterated because that is what we all need.

It is a journey of redemption, atonement, it is a journey of purification.

Renouncing the world and becoming a monk is very well respected in the world, but to be honest that is just the beginning of the journey within.