Divine Darshan in many forms and manifestations  

Suvrat Muni continued, “O king! Thousands of Jain people approached Shree Hari with the view of having Darshan of their Tirthankars and added that they will become His disciples if their wish was fulfilled. Shree Hari looked mercifully at them and immediately they slipped into Samadhi losing all control over their bodies and becoming lifeless. … Continue reading Divine Darshan in many forms and manifestations  

The meaning of Satsang.

Suvrat Muni said, “O King Pratapsinh! The devotees’ mind and sight were fixed upon Shree Hari’s radiant face in anticipation of a divine discourse. Nilkanth Varni did not disappoint His devotees.” Shree Narayanmuni said, ‘O devotees! You are known as ‘Satsangi’ of our Udhhav Sampraday. You must behave as a Satsangi. According to our guru … Continue reading The meaning of Satsang.