New books:

Vachanamrut Adhyayan- Based on Spiritual discourses by Hariswarup Swami

Volume 2- (Download)

The 5 fundamental vows- A detailed explanation (Download)

Words of affection-Marathi edition(Download)

Words of affection-English edition(Download)

Shri Swaminarayan : God in redemptive action- By Manilal C Parekh: (Download)

My Books:

  • Vachanamrut Adhyayan By Hariswarup Swami- An English Translation
  • Volume 1 (Click Here)
  • Volume 2- (Download)
  • Inspirational Articles for Women (Download)

Books for studying daily:

*The translation of these books are not yet produced. If one can help in translation, it is surely welcomed.

Books for further reference about spirituality and Lord Swaminarayan:

  • Supreme God Swaminarayan (Download)
  • Status of women in Swaminarayan Sect (Download)
  • Satsangi Jeevanam (Download English)
    • Hari Gita-Lord Swaminarayan’s Invaluable message to his moribund Mother (Download)
    • Dharmamrut(Dharmas of Saints) (Download)
    • Sati Gita-A Guide and Inspiration for Women (Download)
    • Ashtang Yoga (Download)
    • Debate At Vadodara-The Scriptural proof that Lord Swaminarayan is God (Download)
  • Lord Swaminarayan-As a Social reformer (Download)
  • Swaminarayan Mahamantra Glory (Download)
  • Nishkulanand Kavya:-
    • Purushottam Prakash (Download)
    • Sneh Geeta-The Song of True Love (Download)
    • Vachan Vidhi- (Download)
    • Saar Siddhi-Achieving the Essence (Download)
    • Bhakti Nidhi-The Treasure of Devotion (Download)
    • Yamdand-The journey of a soul through life and death (Download)
  • Shree Janmangal Katha Saar (Download)
  • Kirtan Leelaarth Amrutdhara (Download)
  • Life and Faith of Lord Swaminarayan (Download)
  • Parbrahm Charitra (Download)
  • All Gujarati Books (Download)
  • Divine life of Jogi Swami (Download)
  • An interview with Madhavpriyadasji Swami (Download)